About Maybry McShane

Maybry McShane is a 50/50 partnership between Leah Maybry and Daniele Donahoe that offers tax and investment consulting to ultra-high net-worth families. We do not manage assets and work with our clients’ investment advisors and CPAs to serve as an independent third party advisor.

Our ideal client is a wealthy multi-generational family with a complex financial situation needing coordination and oversight of multiple advisors.

Our ability to implement, coordinate, and oversee global asset allocations for clients with multiple investment advisors has proven valuable. Seeing the entire coordinated investment picture is essential for comprehensive tax planning. Our collaborative tax and investment expertise allows us to serve our complex clients at the highest level.

We also have experience helping our clients independently orchestrate the RFP process for investment firms after significant liquidity events. Once the investment managers are chosen, we help our clients strategically invest their money based on the strengths of each investment firm and then monitor their investment performance and global allocation on an ongoing basis.